ABC: teaching human rights - practical activities for primary and secondary schools

This booklet provides practical activities for human rights education in primary and secondary schools to teachers who want to foster awareness and knowledge of human rights. After an introduction into the theory of teaching human rights, the booklet provides ideas for how to begin encouraging human rights in the classroom through activities promoting confidence and social respect, trust, and class-room rules. Numerous practical activities for teaching a wide range of human rights including, inter alia, the right to life, to development, to freedom of thought and not to be discriminated against are then explained. Finally, the booklet gives suggestions for further action.

Translated as:
ABC : l'enseignement des droits de l'homme - activités pratiques pour les écoles primaires et secondaires. ABV : prepodavanie prav cheloveka - prakticheskaia deiatel'nost' v nachal'noi i srednei shkole. ABC : la enseñanza de los derechos humanos - ejercicios prácticos para escuelas primarias y secundarias. ABC : o ensino dos direitos do homem : actividades prácticas para os ensinos básico e secundário.
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